Recovered Locality with a Scar 

Field hydrogeological center is located in the northeastern part of the village Pátek at Poděbrady. Recently, there was a pollution of the rock environment and groundwater by chlorinated hydrocarbons at this locality. This old environmental burden originated in the second half of the twentieth century, when the company STYL, producing degreasing agents and gasoline for lighters, prospered there.

The site underwent several stages of surveys, risk analyzes and subsequently decontamination work.

Chlorinated hydrocarbons have been identified as priority pollutants in groundwater: tetrachlorethylene (PCE), trichlorethylene (TCE), cis-1,2-dichlorethylene (DCE), chloroethene (vinyl chloride - VC).

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The infrastructure of the field center enables to carry out research experiments in the following areas:

Field hydrogeological work

Advanced remediation procedures based on green chemistry

Modern sampling and monitoring systems

Nature-friendly rainwater management

Corrosion tests, regeneration procedures and drilling technologies

Geomicrobiological simulations